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Providing the right music helps make new visitors into regular customers that you can rely on to come back again and again.

Music collections

Whether you want to present a relaxing atmosphere or a feel good more upbeat style, either way, we have it covered here at DAISY Multimedia. Our Wake Up Feel Good collection mixes funk, electronic, light rock and pop will give an upbeat foot tapping vibe to energise staff and customers, whilst our Down Tempo Relaxation collection with its mix of classical, piano, jazz and chill music will sooth and calm your customers. Alternatively, choose both styles and you can use the Wake Up Feel Good collection in the morning and switch to the Relaxation Down-tempo collection for the afternoon and evening. To follow are details of all of our regularly updated music collections which also include the Ambient Spa collection and the Cardio Beats collection, both of which can be used in specific areas of hotels.


All our music is royalty free. So free from any additional license costs including performing royalties, artist royalties, composition royalties, musical recordings, author royalties etc. This means our music license options provide you with a fixed cost of using our music, based on monthly or annual fees. What you pay is the only cost of using that music. Like it should be really. Our clients that use our music don’t have to pay any fees to author and performing rights societies.